Sunday, 17 February 2013

Commuter Error?

Editorial 3:
Another editorial intended to build up my portfolio, using the same style as 'How to be conceited' and 'Madness of Crowds'. This weeks editorial is 'Commuter Error?' , again, for The Guardian. The planning for this one seemed to take a lot longer than usual and I had to keep making subtle alterations for it to work.
With my dissertation finished and handed in, I'll now be able to focus on my final major project and the competition module. I hope to get back on track and do one editorial every week like I originally planned.
Annoyingly, Blogger has altered the upload process so images always align to the left. Good job I know basic CSS to change that.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Too much pink for one day...

Editorial 2:
Yesterday was a long day working on the editorial 'How to be conceited'.
The original image was of an open box of chocolates, which looked more interesting- but was too distracting from the envelopes. While I like the bold style, as used in a previous editorial, the colours make it far too girly...and not really suitable for the intended audience.It's probably best suited for Cosmogirl, or some other teen mag.
Clearly all the valentines day things along the High street have taken over my mind.