Monday, 6 May 2013

FMP: Cooking with Little Fox!

I've just completed my last final piece- Cooking with Little Fox!
Above you can see just a very small section of the finished double page spread. Sadly, the file size is so large you'd see no details on here. The DPS is based on the brilliant 'They Draw & Cook', a site of illustrated recipes uploaded from all around the I've created my own version! I researched many Norwegian dishes, but decided that Pancakes were the most fun.

Wow, so that's my last uni final piece completed! That leaves the remaining weeks for printing out work, compiling all my research and tidying the studio! Fingers crossed, my postcards from MOO will arrive tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The last editorial!
Yes, this is my last editorial, taking it up to six in total. I feel as if they make a fairly good collection. This one is for a Guardian article about protecting gadgets. I feel as if the screen could do with a few icons or more scratches on it, so might try a few different variations before submission.