Monday, 13 July 2015

Mid-Summer Update

Hello Bloggers! It's been a while.

I've had a very very busy last few months, and the rest of the year looks set to be ten times as busy! If my graphics tablet pen welds to my hands I won't be surprised. At the moment I'm finishing off a commission, while working on my project with Bloomsbury- and sorting out the rest of the year illustration wise. Fair to say, I've a packed few months ahead.

In good news, I've had 'The Garden' with Orion Books published, and a some small illustrations with Usborne printed up and on their way. Had a brilliant project with Igloo Books too, which I can not wait to see the final prints of. (I even draw some human characters!!)

Updates will be slow while I'm building a website for myself,getting a store-front sorted and hopefully upgrading to a new PC and Graphics Tablet. I've had my current laptop around six years now, and my graphics tablet even longer. It's doing well, but I'm starting to feel left behind and limited with what I can do. Being able to run Photoshop would be nice.

If you want to keep updated, keep an eye on my twitter; @n_rimmington

Until next time!...