Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Editorial Illustration for an article for The Guardian 'How to Decorate'. I decided to continue with the image of a hand holding colour swatches, with each colour swatch having an icon of something we decorate. After many different versions, the logos which had the most impact were; a house (for decorating inside), a coat hanger (representing clothes, and decorating ourselves) and a teapot (for decorating the most mundane of things). I think the simple colour scheme was more effective, and made the image look more complete than when it had different colours. The overall effect feels right; but think the icons still need more work, as something feels out of place.

(Work in Progress)

The decision to turn the illustration upside down (from the original design)greatly improved the design; perhaps because the image now reads top to bottom- with the boldest element (the hand) at the top.
The hand turned down almost suggests a disapproving of decoration- which in some ways, is what the article is about.

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