Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Trollhunter: double page spread (almost) complete!

Over the past week I've been busy working on a page of 'Troll Hunter' (working title), which is an idea for a children's picture book about a fox who goes searching for a troll. It is based on texts in Norske folkeeventyr - my chosen FMP text.

As part of my research I watched the Norwegian movie 'Trollhunter'(2010) directed by André Øvredal. Despite dismissing the film in the past, believing it to be another 'Cloverfield', I found it rather enjoyable. The film itself is heavily based on Norske Folkeeventyr, and makes several references to the stories of the book. The trolls are portrayed as creatures who are part of the land, rather than just lumber-some giants, which is something I wish to explore.

This piece has taken a lot longer than I expected, due to having to re-draw lines in and trying to balance the colours and details. Im aware the differences in colour are subtle, and will most probably need adjusting for print. While they look fine on my screen, Im not sure they do for everyone else. Backgrounds have always been an issue for me, so using snow as white space is slowly making me more confident in attempting more ambitious scenes.
Edit: The final piece just needs fox to be actually looking at something...most probably a troll footprint, or something troll related.

Onto the next scene; based on 'The bear and fox who made a bet'

original sketch:

Close up:

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