Tuesday, 23 April 2013

FMP: True and Untrue

This is another Children's Book DPS based on Norske Folkeeventyr's 'True and Untrue' (Norwegian: Tro og utro). Despite having this near finished last month, I decided to return to it and completely redraw several areas of it. The story itself follows 'True' who climbs into a lime tree and overhears animals talking about the King and his dilemmas. True uses the knowledge to help the king, and eventually gain the hand of the Kings daughter.
I wanted to summarize several aspects of the story in one piece, rather than being a literal depiction of the text.

Bruin (bear) and Longears (rabbit) are two of the characters in the story, alongside a wolf and fox. Previous versions contained all the characters however I felt this version, with less characters, was stronger. The illustration includes other things mentioned within the story- such as chickens, a hawk, a toad, a castle and a lime tree with magical dew. If you look carefully you'll notice True's eyes in the top corner.
The story itself is set on St. Johns Eve (also known as Midsummer festival/ Sankt hans), further research into the day found Norwegians typically eat cooked meats, cured ham, polse (hot dogs) and Rømmergrøt- a sour cream porridge...so that is what the characters are eating! The story implies use of Alcohol, but seeing as this is intended for Children, thought I'd stay away from that.

Annoyingly, the file size is so big its hard to see it all on screen. I'm hoping printed out it will be clearer, and you'll be able to see all the details. In the meantime, Im finishing off the Hawkwood Book entry, and moving onto new work. Ideally, I'd like to get another few DPS's done before the deadline. Due to True and Untrue's large background, I hope to use parts of it to develop 4 postcards/iphone covers.
Close ups:

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