Tuesday, 13 January 2015


It's been so long I've forgotten how to use blogger! Happy New Year to you all, and a big thank to anyone who still reads my posts. Last year was a rather good year for me, I had a lot more commissions and have worked on some great projects. It's my aim this year to produce a lot LOT more work, really improve my portfolio and plan my time better. Yes, it's a cliche but if I plan things out a little better, I'll have time to do portfolio/experiment illustrations rather than working flat out on other stuff.

I have lots of plans for illustrations including:

* 'ZOO ANIMAL SUNDAY!' -where every sunday I draw an animal from Edinburgh Zoo. The only question is which animal to start with.

* Work on a new portfolio illustration each week

*And mid-year set up a website/online store for myself!

That's do-able right? Which means you'll now get a blog update every week!
Next blog post: 19th Jan

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